Directly from official Yahoo we learned an important security update for many accounts in the world, Yahoo unveiled a coordinated network that was dealing with massive way to obtain passwords for emails from many people for what they have taken all effort to solve it immediately.

What about Yahoo accounts Affected?

All Yahoo Mail sign in affected will have to reset their passwords immediately and will be notified when accessing them.

Discovered Yahoo

Yahoo continues to fund research to find malware that was responsible for collecting passwords and get our emails, but not all accounts have been affected only a few so do not worry too much.

The measures taken by Yahoo Mail

·         Were restored passwords Yahoo accounts affected and also a second check will be asked to access them as a text message to your mobile phone.

·         Yahoo continues to work with the police to give and prosecute those responsible for this attack.

·         They implemented extra measures to stop such attacks in the future.

·         For now all users who have not been affected can help protect their accounts of this and other potential risks by adopting safety measures suggested for secure password verification and activated.

Remember that if your account has been affected will have to reset your password otherwise not have to worry. Always keep the largest number of security measures in your email. You can use any of these safety tips in Yahoo Mail login.



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